In 1948, Robert (Bob) Lange makes the first recorded attempt to develop a plastic-reinforced ski boot made with polyester resin.

In 1962, First limited numbers production of new design, in blue and white, with the solution of molding the boot in two separate parts.

In 1965, Lange introduces the first plastic ski boot with metal buckles.

In 1968, Lange introduces the COMPETITE: the first ski boot designed specifically for women.

The LANGE COMPETITION boot wins five gold medals during the Olympic Games in Grenoble
72% of Olympic competitors wear LANGE

In 1970, The First "Lange Girl". Iconic images of women posing in Lange ski boots becomes a trademark of the brand.

In 1971, The First Competition Ski Boot. Lange introduces the first competition-level ski boot.

In 1978, The First Easy-to-Use Buckles. Lange introduces the BANSHEE: the first ski boot with easy-to-use buckles

In 2010, Lange introduces the RS 130 and RS 130 WIDE. The industry’s first mono-injected high-performance boots with "Choose your Width" option offers the same real-deal performance in 97mm and 100mm fits

Finally skiers no longer have to sacrifice  a comfortable fit for real-deal performance

In 2016, The XT FREETOUR combines the excellent skiability of Lange piste boots with the easy walking of ski-touring boots.

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