A family history that started in Moselle in 1957 where their father Max started to sell shoe accessories.

In 1986, creation of the subsidiary, TRACY® in Italy, the country of socks.

In 1986, creation of the brand RYWAN® with the slogan "a sock for each sport."

In 1987, creation of the brand ESTEX® to answer the needs of the working world

Now RYWAN and ESTEX offer a global choice of technical socks and accessories for the foot's well-being.

All the models of the socks are designed in France with the help of athletes and professionals.
More than 85% of the RYWAN et ESTEX socks are produced in the Italian factories (except *).

The collections of technical socks associate themselves with the "best of the best" in quality, innovation, and notoriety:
The bandaids COMPEED®, the solar protection PIZ BUIN®, the accessories for shoes ESTEX® and the articulation protective insoles NOENE®.

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